A bit on Argentina Rafting – Adventure Tourism in Mendoza

Argentina Rafting Expediciones took their first commercial trip on December 12, 1993 on the San Juan River, but their story began many years prior. Martin Moreno and Rodolfo Navio met in I.N.E.F University while taking exams to become Professors of Physical Education. Their shared passion for the river and out-door living is what brought them together.They began rafting for a company in Potrerillos and then traveled to the USA to gain more experience. Upon their return, they started their own company in the province of San Juan.

They started with 3 rafts and equipment for 18 paddlers. Soon after, they moved their operation back to where they had started, Potrerillos, Mendoza.Their first commercial outfit was within the A.C.A. campgrounds, alongside the small homestead of the Pola family, concessional of the grounds who generously offered them space. After operating out of a tent for 3 summer seasons and not stopping until they had built their first wooden log cabin for a storefront, the company was able to relocate across the street from the campgrounds, alongside the Mendoza River. Over the next 10 years, the small outfit grew, however, once the Potrerillos Dam was completed and the valley floor was flooded, they moved to higher grounds, where they are located today. The new base of operations was inaugurated in November 2006 and currently can outfit over 100 people for rafting, has equipment for more than one hundred fifty sets of rappel and zip-lining gear, twenty-five mountain bikes and kayaks all to accommodate large groups; be it corporate or student.

Qualified Staff

We have a professional staff prepared to manage all activities, guides and tours. We care all aspects to make this experience as best as possible. Our priority is to offer confident and safgety as well in all details.

From 22 years of work and growth without interruption, Argentina Rafting has obtained the ISO NORMS Certification 9001 and IRAM 42540:2008 for Rafting tourist services, being the first Argentina Company in this category to obtain certification.

How we Work

Our staff keeping up to date about all requirements and political aspects. We are certified by most important institutions in this área.

Our Certifications

We are endorse with maximum demands in safety and service matters.