Paragliding – Activities

A guided flight (introducing how to parachute) using a parachute with special dimensions to carry two people, the passenger and instructor, whom will enjoy a seated position in two chairs (harnesses).

In this flight, the instructor will teach how to take off and land, in addition to a small class on flying, where the instructor will demonstrate how to gain elevation and basic steering skills to parachuting. The take off is simple and smooth from a slope specially designed for this practice.

The flight takes place over the Arco Peak (Cerro Arco) during 20 minutes approx., and the landing is at the base of that same mountain. Landings are done is a gentle and controled manner.

Includes: round trip transportation from the hotel to the base, 4X4 transportation to the top of the mountain and a 20 minute flight.


You can query us to know about all paragliding activities and fees per group/person. Thanks for visit us.

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